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Passionate about crypto, just like you. Spending time curating knowledge, so you don't have to.

Our global team is highly passionate about crypto and loves researching, reading and listening about crypto to create and curate the best content possible for Our Crypto Talk.

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Sharing reliable, fact checked crypto content since


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Our mission is to empower 
your Web3 Journey

Our goal is to share the most accurate, trustworthy, insightful, and transparent information that grants everyone access to a free and open economy.

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Our team has been creating content for you on X , YouTube, Telegram and Instagram since 2018. Regardless, always DYOR and nothing is financial advice. Stay safu!

Meet the team

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Sahil Thakur

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Co-Founder and CEO

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Tanishq Bodh image

Tanishq Bodh

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Co-Founder and COO

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Chirag Sharma image

Chirag Sharma

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Co-Founder and VP of Product

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How Our Crypto Talk came into picture

Search for ‘credibility’

Our Crypto Talk had its origins in a simple yet powerful concept— “credibility.” A member of the team grew increasingly disheartened by the prevalence of random news and information about cryptocurrencies, often sourced from social media influencers and YouTube.

Frustration reached its peak one day when he inquired about the source of this information, to which the response was, “I have sources.”

An epiphany hit us...

This moment triggered a collective epiphany: What if there existed a platform that meticulously scrutinized and filtered cryptocurrency news, updates, and signals based on their credibility? This pivotal idea laid the cornerstone for the creation of Our Crypto Talk.

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